Top Five Travel Gadgets

Have yourself a tech-y little Christmas

A clever travel gadget is the gift that keeps on giving all year long. Treat yourself to one of our top technologically-enhanced picks this silly season.


Bose Noise-Masking Sleepbuds

Banish your chances of being a grumpy, tired traveler with these smart earplugs. Bose’s new noise-masking Sleepbuds are made to help you fall asleep – and stay asleep. They are a snug fit in the ear, and unlike normal earplugs are suitable for side-sleepers, too. There’s 10 preloaded tracks to pick from, all of which use frequency mirroring technology to drown out snores, traffic or that loud party down the street. Set an alarm for when you’re ready to get up and explore our beautiful city, and the clever little buds will softly wake only you.


Nebula Capsule Pocket Cinema

One for the movie-lovers, entertainers and gamers. Immobile projectors are a thing of the past with this quaint little number arriving on the scene. No larger than a can of Coke, it allows you to play your own cinematic delights in your apartment. Settle in and stream shows and movies via wifi onto a projection area of up to 100 inches. Note for gamers: a Nintendo Switch will work via HDMI, too.


Vago Travel Compressor Vacuum

A vacuum might not sound like much of a treat, but this compact travel companion is going to create plenty of space to stash future spoils on your travels. Equipped with a pressure-detecting sensor, the automatic vacuum pump removes the air inside your suitcase and condenses clothes to half their size. Perfect for when you want to pack extra outfits to head out and experience our exceptional Melbourne nightlife, but also want to take home a few new local purchases.


ThermaCell Rechargeable Heated Insole

Heading down our way over winter? Put your best – and warmest – foot forward with a pair of soulful insoles. Kitted out with thermal technology, these remote-controlled foot warmers will keep your toes toasty and dry thanks to their thermostat-driven control system and water-resistant fabric liner. They can even be recharged up to 500 times using the included charger.


The Pure Company Portable Purifier

Create a scented sanctuary on the go with this packable purifier. The dapper device uses filterless ionization and essential oil aromatherapy blends to bring a touch of home to your Melbourne stay. You don’t need any water, either – simply add 3-5 drops to the purifier’s aromatherapy pad, turn it on and the heavenly scent will start filling the air. It’s a good option for light sleepers, too, with the machine’s quiet whir doubling as a subtle white noise machine from your bedside table.