Dining Alone in Melbourne

Dining solo in Melbourne

It may feel weird at first, but with a little practice you’ll love dining solo in Melbourne. Here’s some clever ways to make it less nerve-racking — and even fun.

You’re not alone.

Thirty per cent of European diners eat out alone, and almost 50 per cent of meals eaten by American adults are served up for one. And it seems all the cool kids are either doing it or want to do it, with a recent study showing 80 per cent of people believe solo dining is more socially acceptable now than five years ago. You’ve got the numbers – now go and make yourself number one.

Take a different date.

Tuck a good book under your arm as you leave your apartment, or pop your travel journal in your bag. It’s an ideal opportunity to write down your thoughts at the end of a long day, or wind down away from technology. If you’re feeling nervous or strange about dining solo in Melbourne, reading or writing also doubles as a way to mentally check out of your current surroundings while enjoying a good meal.

Head for the bar.

This is a great option for those who want to strike up a chat with other diners or staff. Seats around the bar are generally reserved for single guests so chances are you’ll be among other travellers. Or you’ll be in prime position to ask the bartender to talk you through your cocktail of choice while she mixes it. A perfect opportunity to learn a new take on the city’s top flavours.

Think outside the (lunch)box.

Make up a number on a chef’s table where some people know each other, and others don’t. You’ll be treated to the finest flavours in one of the best seats in the house. Or, sign up to a cooking class and make your meal with a bunch of new friends. You’ll not only be immersing yourself in the culture and meeting new people, you’ll also take home the unique souvenir of clever new cooking skills to show off.

Strength in numbers.

Choose a communal table at a cafe where you’ll likely find others drifting in and out. You can easily source these by searching for communal tables on Yelp. And there’s other ways technology has your back in your solo dining adventures, too. If you don’t want to do it alone, organise dinner with a local through sites Voulez Vous Diner or Eat With. Or, join a foodie meet-up. Simply head to meetup.com, choose your city and search for a group that shares your food – and wine –  preferences.

Remember why you’re there.

Focus on the food – the glorious food. Going at it alone allows you to soak up the flavours, the ambiance, the experience. Spoil yourself and make a reservation for a restaurant you’ve been meaning to go to – and treat yourself to the works. You can discuss the elements with your waiter and ask them to recommend wine pairings from your surroundings. You’ll return home with not only satisfaction but also an understanding of the region you’re visiting. Enjoy travelling alone by staying with Docklands Private Collection of Apartments.