Melbournes Fashion History

You can’t beat a classic.Melbourne’s Fashion History lead the way for Australian fashion for so long, some would say still. From the chic 60s to the effortless 70s, the looks we were wearing 50 years ago are still in vogue. Here’s a round-up of what you’ll be seeing – or flaunting – around the Melbourne streets during your stay.


Arguably the most iconic and versatile dress ever made, the wrap dress was an instant hit when unveiled by Diane Von Furstenberg in 1974. Hail Diane, who set out to make a relaxed, silk jersey dress that suited every woman’s body shape. Fast-forward two years, and more than five million of the dresses were sold worldwide. Chances are you’ve probably already got a couple of these hanging in your wardrobe, so bring them along and take them out for a good time on the Melbourne town.


Sure, Melburnians wear a lot of black. Unapologetically. But this winter, we’ll be adding 70s-inspired hues to the mix. Burnt oranges, rusts, browns and mustards will liven up the kaleidoscope of decadent darkness. The colour palette will trickle down to new textures, too. Consider trading your black jeans for a pop of brown corduroy. The added bonus here is the heightened comfort levels will match your excitement levels while strutting the Melbourne Fashion History streets in style.


We get romantic year-round in this city. Laura Ashley blossomed the floral trends back in the 70s with her feminine silhouettes and blooming prints, and it’s a style that doesn’t discriminate when it comes to seasons. You’re going to need layers during a Melbourne winter, so use the budding patterns to break up your look. Go for a pretty dress over tights and boots, a floral blouse with jeans and a warm jacket, or add a blossoming scarf to complete your look.


Opt for androgyny when it comes to your tailoring. Oversized jackets, single-breasted blazers and elongated collars are your glam go-tos. Pair your choice with flared jeans, a mini or culottes. Play around with your textures and hues, but try not to go overboard with too many trends at once. You could keep cosy with an oversized pastel jacket – a delicate nod to the 60s – worn over a subtle ribbed knit, jeans and suede boots.

It’s worth packing your staple black boots, but consider investing in a new pair of 70s-inspired suede beauties, too. You’ll see earthy tones of beiges, browns and even mustards about town. As for style, sock booties are back in a big way, as well as western ankle boots and the classic mule. Our tip? Just don’t go jumping in too many puddles before treating your sensitive stain-prone suede.