How to get kids to healthy food while travelling


Holidays don’t have to equal unhealthy. Here are some clever and easy ways to keep your little loves’ nutrition in check while you’re exploring all the wonders Melbourne has to offer.



Boost your little ones’ wellbeing before the trip by adding immune-boosting foods into their favourite dishes. Ground flax and hemp seeds can be added to smoothies, and garlic and ginger easily blend into stir fries and spaghetti sauces for a healthy kick. Pack some kids multivitamins in your suitcase to keep up your good work along your travels.

It might be the last thing you feel like doing, but a quick grocery shop at the start of your adventure will start you off with good habits – and be kinder on your purse strings. And because you’re staying at a serviced apartment, you’ll have plenty of room to store the healthy goodies. Load up on fresh fruits and veggies that don’t have to be chopped up such as bananas, blueberries and carrots, and crackers and a wholesome trail mix. Perfect for a day out exploring.



Stick to the routine you’ve tirelessly created at home. While you’ll be out and about, planning to eat at the same times will beat cravings and ensure the whole family keeps their healthy habits. Naturally, you might find some days are harder than others, but keeping an eye on the clock can do wonders for your kids’ nutrition when you’re on the road.



It’s not uncommon for kids’ menus at restaurants to include fried or unhealthy choices. Bypass the chicken nuggets and ask your waiter for a smaller serving of a healthy main, or substitute fries for a side salad. You’ll be surprised how easy it can be to encourage the chef to pass on their main creations to eager little mouths. Alternatively, divide up a nutrient-filled entree between little mouths.



As well as your nutritious packs of snacks, pack a refillable BPA water bottle for each family member. This will not only serve as a reminder to keep the fluids up, but also ease the temptation of your little loves eyeing off the brightly-coloured soft drinks and flavoured milks in the fridge when they get thirsty.



You can’t always have meals on hand during your travels, but there’s plenty of places to stock up on healthy meals in Melbourne. Take Serotonin Eatery in Burnley, for example. Brimming with paleo, raw, sugar-free, dairy-free delights, this one is not only delicious but also too cute for words. There’s plenty of activities for the little ones, but they probably won’t be needed once the kids lay eyes on the indoor swings.



Finally, try not to be too strict. While it’s great to stay healthy on the go, remember that holidays are meant to be about trying new experiences, including flavours. Every so often, designate a meal to a pizza night or an ice cream treat. We bet you’ll enjoy it, too.