Docklands Private Collection Code of Conduct

Holiday Rental – Terms & Conditions between Owners & Guests


Security Deposits or Bonds

A security deposit may be taken (e.g. cash or c/card transaction or authorisation) prior to commencement of occupancy of the apartment:

[a] Please be advised that failure to comply with the Terms & Conditions may result in charges against the security deposit; and

[b] Security deposit or any balance will be released or returned to the Guest as soon as possible following departure.


Maximum number of Guests and Visitors

Maximum number of guests to occupy an apartment -

1 bedroom – 3 guests

2 bedroom – 5 guests

3 bedroom – 7 guests

Maximum number of Visitors per apartment-

1 bedroom – 2 visitors

2 bedroom – 4 visitors

3 bedroom – 4 visitors


General obligations of Guests & Visitors

Guests & Visitors must:

[a] Comply with all House Rules and By-Laws;

[b] Respect the residential amenity & security of the property and neighbours;

[c] Refrain from anti-social behaviour;

[d] Guests must control and be responsible for Visitors and ensure that Visitors comply with the House Rules

[e] Comply with any instructions from the Manager or Security Services employees during your stay, and

[f] Notify the Manager of any disputes or complaints as soon as practicable.


Noise & Residential Amenity

Guests must not create noise which is offensive to neighbours especially between 10pm and 8am and during arrival and departure or at any time throughout the occupancy.

Offensive noise is prohibited and may result in:

[i] Termination of permission to occupy the Property;

[ii] Eviction

[iii] Loss of rental paid, and

[iv] Extra charges for security and other expenses which may be deducted from Security Deposit or Bond.

Guests must abide by any noise abatement conditions, standards and orders issued by police or any regulatory authority to minimise impacts upon the residential amenity of neighbours.


Functions and parties

[a] The Property is not a “party house” and any such activities are strictly prohibited; and

[b] any gathering, celebration or entertainment permitted at the Property must not conflict with residential amenity and must comply with all House Rules.


Access and Parking

[a] Guests and Visitors must comply with parking regulations and show consideration to neighbours;

[b] Parking is strictly prohibited in any other parking bay within the building. You MUST PARK IN YOUR ALLOCATED BAY or contact our office if there is a problem with that BAY.


Recycling and Garbage

[a] Guests must dispose of garbage and recycling in accordance with the usual practice at the Property and in the allocated bins;

[b] Guests must not leave excess rubbish in public or common areas; and

[c] Guests should be co-operative in complying with requirements within the building.


Smoking in Apartments

Smoking in apartments is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

Consequences of not meeting the Terms & Conditions

Could result in termination of permission to occupy the Property, eviction, loss of rental paid, deductions from security deposits and extra charges. It is therefore important for all Guests to be aware of their obligations and responsibilities to make any Visitors to the Property aware of these

requirements to maintain the amenity of the Property and its neighbourhood.


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