Behind the scene in Melbourne

Chances are you may have only scratched the surface of magnificent Melbourne. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are our favourite behind-the-scenes tours to help you delve deeper into the city’s rich and remarkable happenings and history.



There’s more than meets the eye at the Arts Centre Melbourne. For example, the prestigious cultural heart of Melbourne actually extends five floors underground. Take the journey through the charming building and find out how the magic unfolds with a guided backstage tour. You’ll be able to follow in the footsteps of famous past performers, take a peek at dressing rooms and hidden passageways, and hear revelations and stories from throughout the centre’s lively past.

90-minute guided tours, at $20 per person, run every Sunday from 11am. Visit



You’ve watched Harold Bishop, Donna Freedman and Karl Kennedy become household names. How about taking a peek into the adored characters’ houses? Guided tours of Australia’s longest-running soapie run daily, and, depending on your choice of tour, you can see the sights of Ramsay Street, meet a star (past or present) or view the exterior of the sets at the Neighbours Studios.

Tickets, beginning at $59, can be booked online at



We see the glamour unfold on stage, but what happens behind the scenes of the ballet world? You can find out with exclusive access into the elite life of a ballet dancer. Watch one of the principle couples in an intimate coaching session, plus see a rehearsal where the dancers fine-tune their performance before a big show. It takes place at the 10,000 square-metre production centre in Altona, which holds more than half a century’s magical costumes and props.

Tickets for the hour-long tour are $29 each. Visit



Ever wanted to meet a tiger, orang-utan or gorilla? Melbourne Zoo has you sorted. Its behind-the-scenes tour series allows you to get an intimate introduction to some of the world’s most fascinating animals. Head behind the usually-closed doors with the passionate keepers and place food for the animals around their enclosure, then watch them gorge gown on the goodies from your VIP viewing platform.

The 25-minute tours, at $55 per person, run daily. Visit



There’s no denying the legendary history of the ‘G. Grab your mate, lover or group and head along to the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground for a moving and memorable experience. You’ll be able to explore the inner sanctum of the ground, walk on the hallowed arena and visit the MCC Long Room, player change rooms and cricketers’ viewing room. To top it off, you’ll be treated to the City Terrace where you have uninterrupted views of the city’s skyline.

Tours run daily except for some event days. Visit